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Completing the legal framework of dispatching and receiving Vietnamese labors to work in Thailand

21-09-2015 11:38:29

To strengthen the cooperation relation between Vietnam - Thailand in labor field, creating both legal framework for Vietnam labor working in Thailand and legal basis to protect rights and legal interests of labor in two countries. On 27th, July, 2015, the Ministry of Labor Thailand (representative for Thailand Government) and Ministry of Labor- Invalids and Social Affairs Vietnam (representative for Vietnam Government) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) and Agreement about dispatching and receiving labor between two countries.

OU about labor cooperation is a basis to strengthen the cooperation relation and promote labor cooperation between Vietnam- Thailand. The content of MOU includes 09 articles of signing purpose, enough specific cooperation fields in labor, method and cooperation principle. Especially, cooperation can be implemented through different methods such as exchanging implementation, information in a best way; exchanging experts, taking part in project, seminar and conversation. About cooperation principle, two sides will effort to ensure transparently and strengthen effect in dispatching and receiving labor process between two countries.

On the other hand, Agreement about dispatching and receiving labor is a legal framework for Vietnam worker working in Thailand and contrast which makes legal by Law of two countries. This Agreement includes 15 articles about contents: Competent authorities of two Governments, Rights and responsibility of employee, Rights and responsibility of employer, Dispatching and receiving  labor process; Employment contract, Orientation and training; Visa; Labor license and medical services; Dispute resolution;

Today, Thailand is in the shortage of qualified and skilled workers as well as general labors in many fields especially construction field, high technical workers. Because domestic labor supply does not meet the requirement in some fields, Thailand attracted a huge of foreign workers in management field and skilled workers from many countries in the world.

According to a statistic, on March 2010, Thailand had 100,338 professional and skilled workers licensed. There are thousands of Vietnam workers in Thailand. Therefore, signing MOU and Agreement about dispatching and receiving labor between Vietnam and Thailand will open new chance for Vietnam labor working legally in Thailand. This is legal framework for action of dispatching Vietnam workers working in Thailand and legal basis to protect rights and legal interests of Vietnam labor working in this country.

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