SCB - Malaysia do trade tests & interviews hiring Vietnam welders and pipe fitters for the third tim
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SCB - Malaysia do trade tests & interviews hiring Vietnam welders and pipe fitters for the third time

27-10-2016 10:25:06

Last Oct 21 2016, we were honored to welcome the representatives of SCB to come working and do trade tests and interviews to hire Vietnam employees for Rapid Project - Malaysia.
After the testing day, the Malaysian employer had a great success. That was the third time SCB come to recruit Vietnam manpower for their works in Malaysia. The first time took place on last 21 July and the second one was on last 26 August.

Like the last one, the employers did trade tests on 6G welder and pipe fitter. There was around 20 pipe fitters was chosen for employment contract a long with 40 welders who had the best perfomance in the testing day.

As planned, SCB will come back for the fourth recruitment campaing to ensure the construction speed of their works in Rapid project at the end of the year.

 RAPID project site details and facilities
The complex will cover an area of 2,000ha and will produce nine million tons of petroleum products and 4.5 million tons of petrochemicals a year.

Southern Johor was chosen as the location for the project due to its proximity to deepwater port facilities and regional demand centres. The location enables easy transport of finished products to the market. The complex will cover an area of 2,000ha and includes crude oil refinery and a petrochemical complex capable of processing 300,000 barrels per day (bpd). These two projects together will produce 7.7Mtpa of differentiated and speciality chemicals such as synthetic rubbers and high-grade polymers.
The RAPID project refinery will produce gasoline and diesel that will meet Euro 4 and Euro 5 fuel specifications. It will also supply feedstock for the petrochemical complex, which will produce highly specialised chemicals. The refinery will use modern technologies to produce these products and follow stringent environmental regulations.
 The viability of constructing a liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal to support the RAPID project is also being considered. The LNG terminal will include natural gas receiving facilities for LNG carriers and a tie-in to the Peninsular Gas Utilisation system.
Development of the project is also in line with Malaysia’s aim to establish new areas of growth, aimed towards improving people’s quality of life. The petrochemical industry has been identified as the main sector for achieving this growth.
The RAPID project is expected to help transform Southern Johor into a new petrochemical hub. Several employment opportunities are also expected to be created in the region by suppliers and related industries. (Internet Source).

 On behalf of the company, we would like to say thank you for the trust and cooperation of SCB in choosing and using of our manpower service for thier works in Malaysia.

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