To fly to Saudi Arabia to serve for Hyudai Heavy Industries
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Vietnam welders to fly to Saudi Arabia to serve for Hyundai Heavy Industries (Group 01)

13-07-2015 14:47:27

On July 11 2015, group 01 of Vietnam welders (6G welder (GTAW), 6G welder (SMAW) and 3G welder (FCAW) flied to Saudi Arabia to work for Hyundai Heavy Industries

Those were welders who participated in the recruitment campaign on 06 March 2015. They will work in Shuquaiq Power Plant Project - Saudi Arabia. In the mean time, the group 02 has its departure plan within 2 weeks.

From 16 to18 July 2015, Hyundai Heavy Industries continues to organize another recruitment campaign to hire pipe fitters, pipe supervisors and fitters foreman ...

On behalf of the company, wishing peaceful trip and good luck to the workers.

Below are some of pictures taken in the testing day:


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